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Latest OvDoll Luxury Sex Dolls

Ovdoll Sex dolls have been around for quite some time now with the earliest historical documentation naming Dutch sailors as the earliest owners of the first masturbatory dolls made from sewn clothes and old rags. The dolls would keep the sailors company and gratify their sexual needs during the long voyages until they came home to their partners thus the cheesy moniker “Dutch Wives” used to refer to sex dolls today. Later in the 16th century, a story is told of a French philosopher who boarded a ship to Sweden in the company of a human like doll that ended up freaking sailors who eventually threw it overboard.

Love dolls have since advanced in design and other complimentary attributes from the days of sewn cloths. Now lifelike sex dolls are being manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. In fact manufacturers are already experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and soon you’ll be ordering dolls that can strike a meaningful conversation in the bedroom. Forget the days when ignorant sailors would drown Rene Descartes’ sex doll leaving him sexually deprived for the remaining part of the voyage to Sweden. Today society is more open about sex and sexuality and there’s totally no shame owning a cute luxury sex doll for occasional sexcapades.

Owing to the global economy’s inflationary spiral, romantic partners are having hard time being emotionally available for each other. This however, does not mean that their sex drive subsides too and so they will need to occasionally release the sexual tension. It is for this reason that sex dolls come in handy. The growing demand for sex doll puts pressure on manufacturers to continually innovate and come up with products that cater for users’ vast tastes. Our production team comprising of world class sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, and renowned sex experts is always working on something better and fulfilling customized orders for our particularly specific clients.

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  • 名前:ovdoll
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  • 性別:女性
  • 誕生日:1991-01-01
  • 血液型:B
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